S01E01 – The Beginnining

Welcome to the Catholic Guys podcast! Our first episode starts off with the following topics:

  • 00:41: Advent vs Christmas – How do we celebrate each one?
  • 18:59: Da’esh and the Refugees – What’s the Christian response?
  • 39:12: Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Could we be more excited?

Vis-à-vis Advent candles in Panamá, a quick e-mail to my Mom clarified that there they come in 4 distinct colors:

  1. Purple, for Penance.
  2. Red, for the Love of God.
  3. Pink, for Joy.
  4. White, for the Light of Christ.

Re: the article mentioned about the name Da’esh, the original site is down, but you can still grab it via Google cache.

Nicaea. St Nicholas punched Arius at the Council of Nicaea.

Our good friend, Dr Thomas J. Neal, blogs at Neal Obstat. Check him out.

The documentary we mentioned is I Know that Voice. It’s definitely worth watching.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Star Wars was the article we mentioned that was linked by the USCCB.

Correction: I stated that I’ve been in Ohio for 7-8 years, it’s more like 5-6. 🙂

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