S02E03 – Global Thermonuclear War Mini-Edition

Welcome to Two Catholic Guys! This is another special mini-edition of the show. We hope you enjoy it!

We got together with our friend Mike to play games and continue reaping the benefits of the Whisky Advent Calendar. This episode was recorded casually and edited down to keep things interesting. Sorry for the quality of the audio, but we were fairly close to a very loud sound machine, and this was the best Audacity could do to remove the noise.

  • 00:00: We introduce our friend Mike to the Whisky Advent Calendar. This evening, we enjoy Mackmyra Svensk Ek, Wolfburn, and Rock Oyster.
  • 03:29: We transition to play testing Brandon’s latest card game: Global Thermonuclear War. Brandon explains the types of cards and basic rules.
  • 04:25: While using Brandon’s new card shuffling machine, we discuss Bill Gates’ suggestion that robots should be taxed.
  • 05:38: Mike tells us a bit about his in-progress treasure-hunting game.
  • 06:17: We go on a tangent about Newman’s Own salsas and whether the art is racist or not.
  • 06:53: Mike discusses the joys of doing home projects with older kids who can actually be helpful.
  • 09:02: Anthony won the game! We share some quick feedback. See ya next time!

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