S02E07 – Szechuan Sauce Edition

Welcome to another delicious episode of Two Catholic Guys!

It’s been a very long time since we last posted anything. We actually did record another episode, but enough time went by that it just made sense to do a fresh one and write it off as a loss. Enjoy this one! It has probably the best sound quality of any show we’ve ever recorded.

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S02E06 – 50 Years

Welcome to another fantastic episode of Two Catholic Guys!

Embarrassingly, we actually recorded almost a month ago, and will be recording again this Tuesday. Oh well. Enjoy! (Note: at a few points there are some weird clicking noises, but the sound goes away pretty quickly.)

  • 00:00: Musical intro, greetings, Evan Williams Extra Aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and our opening prayer.
  • 03:01: Most Ridiculous News Item: Donatos is offering a free smartphone for the purchase of a pizza!
  • 05:04: Serious Stuff: Senate bill to repeal Obamacare stalled until after recess. We discuss a single-payer system as an alternative.
  • 14:23: Catholic Stuff: The Charismatic Renewal celebrates 50 years! How does this correlate to the 50 years since the 2nd Vatican Council?
  • 19:35: Fr Julián Carrón, the head of Communion and Liberation, recently gave a two part interview (part 1 | part 2) about the state of the Church and his new book, Disarming Beauty.
  • 23:28: Pope Francis celebrates his 25th year as a bishop, and we drink the Blended Whiskey Company Half-Century Blend in his honor.
  • 25:40: Pope Francis meets with an Orthodox delegation from the Ecumenical Patriarchate, marking the 50th year since these meetings began. A brief discussion of the Filioque problem and how it’s not needed in Greek.
  • 29:51: There’s a new Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarch! If we reunite with the Orthodox, do their patriarchs become “superbishops”? What happens to the Pope?
  • 33:52: Fun Stuff: The Han Solo movie loses its directors over “creative differences”.
  • 36:25: Joss Whedon is directing Batgirl. Zach Snyder’s daughter committed suicide, so we pray for them.
  • 38:10: Apparently Wonder Woman is amazing. [Anthony has now seen it: It is pretty good, but not Spiderman: Homecoming good.]
  • 39:24: Han Solo movie gains Ron Howard as its new director. The last time he worked with Lucasfilm was when he did Willow. We go on a tangent about small actors. What’s the point of a Han Solo movie with a not-so-much-younger Han? What would make a good young Yoda movie? What kinds of Force users are there besides the Jedi and Sith?

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S01E07 – Something Awakens

Hey everybody! Welcome to another fantastic episode of Two Catholic Guys!

We somehow turned on an echo filter when recording, so use your imaginations to picture us recording in a great basilica somewhere.

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S01E05 – Pleading the Fifth

April was a busy month and we didn’t get a chance to record. Here are some of the things we would have discussed in our hypothetical fifth episode. Enjoy.

S01E02 – Attack of the Sequel

Welcome to another thrilling episode of the Catholic Guys podcast! This episode covers the following topics:

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  1. No, the early Christians were not Socialists.
  2. If you must read the Christopher Hitchens article, here it is.
  3. Learn more about how JJ Abrams tells stories.
  4. Every Frame a Painting is a great series. Here’s a direct link to the Edgar Wright episode.

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S01E01 – The Beginnining

Welcome to the Catholic Guys podcast! Our first episode starts off with the following topics:

  • 00:41: Advent vs Christmas – How do we celebrate each one?
  • 18:59: Da’esh and the Refugees – What’s the Christian response?
  • 39:12: Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Could we be more excited?

Vis-à-vis Advent candles in Panamá, a quick e-mail to my Mom clarified that there they come in 4 distinct colors:

  1. Purple, for Penance.
  2. Red, for the Love of God.
  3. Pink, for Joy.
  4. White, for the Light of Christ.

Re: the article mentioned about the name Da’esh, the original site is down, but you can still grab it via Google cache.

Nicaea. St Nicholas punched Arius at the Council of Nicaea.

Our good friend, Dr Thomas J. Neal, blogs at Neal Obstat. Check him out.

The documentary we mentioned is I Know that Voice. It’s definitely worth watching.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Star Wars was the article we mentioned that was linked by the USCCB.

Correction: I stated that I’ve been in Ohio for 7-8 years, it’s more like 5-6. 🙂

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